Meet the Author

Author Jerome Arthur at home in Santa Cruz writing his next novel.
Author Jerome Arthur at home in Santa Cruz writing his next novel.

Jerome Arthur was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 21, 1941. In 1943 his father got a war job at the Naval Shipyard on Terminal Island, prompting him to move the family to Long Beach, California in September of that year.

When the war ended, the family moved to Los Angeles where Jerome’s father worked as a pressman for the next thirty years. Jerome received twelve years of Catholic education in Los Angeles.

He joined the Naval Reserve at the beginning of his senior year at Cathedral High School. Upon graduation in June, 1959, he attended the American Barber College in downtown Los Angeles. After he got his California barber license in March, 1960, he went on active duty at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station. With two years remaining on his three year Navy hitch, he moved back to nearby Long Beach and lived there for eight years.

During that time Jerome cut hair part-time in a barber shop in Belmont Shore and attended Long Beach City College and Long Beach State University full-time. After he received a master of arts degree from State in 1969, he and his wife, Janet, moved to Santa Cruz, California where he has been cutting hair and writing novels ever since.