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When I got the idea for this book, I only had four profiles in mind, the first four listed in the table of contents on the previous page. Then I started talking to some of my clients in the barber shop, and they convinced me that I should include the fifth and sixth names on the list. I listen to my clients. Its where I get my news. I have a lot in common with most of them. I’d say that probably ninety percent of my clientele is on my side (the left) of the political spectrum, some more liberal than others. So, when they tell me to do something, I listen to them.
I’ve been telling some of these stories in the shop for years, so I decided, what the hell, why not write ’em down? I’ve got some disclaimers. The first is: when I quote any of the subjects of this book, those quotes may not be verbatim, but they will accurately convey the substance of the conversation. I have a good memory, but not that good.
These are not the kinds of profiles that one would find in magazines like People or Us. They are not meant to be “celebrity” profiles. They are simple vignettes that show where my path crossed the person’s in the profile, and how my life was affected by the encounter. If these stories are about anybody, they are about me. And here’s another disclaimer: I wouldn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, claim to know any of my subjects. This is simply a tale of “six degrees of separation.”
I’m not likely to attain even a scintilla of the fame in my lifetime that the subjects of my profiles have achieved; therefore, I’m writing about them and how my association, however small, with them has had an effect on my life. I think I learned something from all of them. Maybe I didn’t learn how to be famous like they are, but that’s all right, because I’m not really looking for fame. I’d rather have the fortune.