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Grant Erickson’s Review of The Death of Soc Smith and The Finale of Seem

I couldn’t put The Death of Soc Smith down. That was really a terrific story, and I came to the end of it and I thought gosh and I didn’t want it to end, but then I picked up The Finale of Seem and I found that it didn’t end, and that was better than … Continue reading Grant Erickson’s Review of The Death of Soc Smith and The Finale of Seem

Grant Erickson’s review of Antoine Farot and Swede

I’ll have to admit that T.V. has been consuming too much of my time of late. Thank you for helping me re-discover how much more satisfying is a good book. Antoine Farot and Swede is a real winner! I picked it up Sunday afternoon and couldn’t put it down—felt I was traveling with the trio … Continue reading Grant Erickson’s review of Antoine Farot and Swede

Review from Daniel Sullivan

Review dated  September 8, 2004 To get right to the point, I feel that your most recent book “Life Could Be a Dream, Sweetheart” was sensational. I am a slow reader, but I got through it in a matter of hours because I simply could not put it down.

An Email from Tom Lehrer

Hi, Jerry Thank you for the book, which I found upon my return to Santa Cruz from Cambridge.  For some reason I thought you had left Santa Cruz long ago (perhaps the confusion was related to another barber named Jerry).  Anyway, I’m glad to see that you’re still turning out books and cutting local hair. … Continue reading An Email from Tom Lehrer

Review from Loretta DuBois

I finally had a chance to sit down and read through Brushes with Fame. Truthfully, I had to look up some of the names, such as Tom, Michael and Nina. The minute I saw Parks’ face, however, I recognized him. The others, no. I enjoyed everyone of them, mostly because of your style of writing. … Continue reading Review from Loretta DuBois

Review from Arthur Wood

I just finished Got no, Secrets to Conceal.  I liked it, especially the twist at the end….  I loved how you captured how obsessive one can get when newly in (forbidden) love, and I did have to put the book down occasionally because of Jack’s cringe-worthy actions. The suspense of waiting for him to be … Continue reading Review from Arthur Wood

Review from Pat O’Brien

You must have been saving the sexy stuff from your previous books to put it all into Got No Secrets to Conceal.  However, that being said, it’s interesting to read a story about a middle aged person so hung up on a sexual relationship. You did a masterful job in carrying off the various adventures … Continue reading Review from Pat O’Brien

Review from Lucinda Sisson

I finished reading Got No Secrets to Conceal last night.  I was slow to get to sleep after.  The ending really did me in.  I was struck by how Jack would check the surf before he suited up, but never did an analytical on Renata before diving in.  It kind of felt to me like … Continue reading Review from Lucinda Sisson

Jerome on KSCO “Off the Lip”

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In the News: Article by Wallace Baine from The Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Yes, the Surf City Barber Shop and Social Club is, as advertised, a place to go for a haircut. But it’s also a kind of literary salon devoted to one particular writer.”

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Review from Susan Snyder

Hi Jerome, Just finished your book Oh, Hard Tuesday and wanted to tell you it was quick and fun to read.  I particularly enjoyed reading all the local names of places, businesses and familiar vibes—the story you wove through them made for an interesting afternoon escape. By the way, the other books I read were Antoine Farot … Continue reading Review from Susan Snyder

Review from Lucinda Sisson

Jerome Arthur, I so enjoyed my read of Oh, Hard Tuesday.  A surprising twist indeed.  🙂  In many ways….like Karen and Rebecca thinking of moving on to porn, because the sex thing flowed so effortlessly for them. Preppy girls enjoying the trade.  I kind of had sympathy for Routh and Pasty Face ’cause they must … Continue reading Review from Lucinda Sisson

Jerome at Surf City Barbershop

The Death of Soc Smith on Kirkus Reviews