I finished reading Got No Secrets to Conceal last night.  I was slow to get to sleep after.  The ending really did me in.  I was struck by how Jack would check the surf before he suited up, but never did an analytical on Renata before diving in.  It kind of felt to me like both Renata and Jack were “living the dream” and not ever really fully in touch with their lives.  I guess I was so sad after the read because I felt that Jack would never be able to fully relate to anyone.  Poor Renata is doomed, doomed, doomed.

You write about the small details of your characters, and the environment they inhabit makes them pop.  The twist of having Bill show up was splendid.  I loved how Debra, who appeared quite healthy except for her waiting on Jack for so long, just fluttered about on the edges of the story.

Thanks for this read, Jerome Arthur.  It stirred me up.