Jerome Arthur,

I so enjoyed my read of Oh, Hard Tuesday.

 A surprising twist indeed.  🙂  In many ways….like Karen and Rebecca thinking of moving on to porn, because the sex thing flowed so effortlessly for them. Preppy girls enjoying the trade.  I kind of had sympathy for Routh and Pasty Face ’cause they must have been pimping pretty well to keep yucky things out of the mix for the girls and make them such happy campers with what they were doing.  Somehow Karen moving from being such a willing risk taker to a shell of herself made me happy that she had lived on the edge and enjoyed it.  The whole thing brings up the question of what is actually tragic.  Your kid prostituted or your kid so compromised.  We need to be careful what we suffer.  That was a major lesson I drew from my read.

I loved the back and forths of the characters.  Great capture of cadence of speech.  Jack the perfect detective.  Quite classic.

Thank you, Jerome, for another swell read.  AND thanks again for slipping Soc in there so I knew what had happened to him.  I do care about the guy.  🙂 Oh, Hard Tuesday was a grand birthday treat.

 —Lucinda Sisson